Slow week of homework

Nothing huge happened around here financially this last week. Which is kind of good, it’s nice to take a breather.
My birthday happened and I was well gifted by my two savy shoppers. The bitter cold lifted, literally because the wind blew it away and we muddled along sticking to the budget.
Christmas tree is down and I’m ready to put up spring decorations, so I’ve been working on those with all my new toys and the materials I have on hand rather than rushing out to buy a bunch of stuff as I would have before we started DR.
Dh and ds have been working on minor repairs around here that they could do for free.
We started ordering in tour guide books to start planning our big celebration trip later this year and I think that was the highlight of the week.
It of course had a few hiccups because we like solid books to plan with and all the states and AAA are trying to go over strictly to ebooks. While you can still get the solid books from all of the proceeding they are really pushing the ebooks. I understand the financial aspect of it, but nothing replaces the feel of a book in your hands and being able to thumb through, mark up and tab a book as you plan. Half the fun of any vacation is planning it.
I was pretty grumpy about the ebooks situation yesterday after being on the AAA site and finding no mention of real books yesterday. I called their office first thing this morning and was told they had come to realize that some people do prefer books when planning and therefore they would be getting more in by late Feb. That brightened my week considerably.

Doing a Happy Dance

As I said last week, we’ve already booked our vacation for WDW for after we are cc debt free. We did so months ago, and for the first time ever we used a travel agency. I generally don’t use them because some charge you a fee to do so.

But The Magic For Less Travel is not one of those, no fees are involved. When they book a vacation for you it’s at the same rate you can book it yourself. So what’s the advantage to using them? They keep on top of any discounts that come up, snare them for you and let you know.

Well wonderful Naomi, at the Magic For Less Travel, snared one that is going to save us $156.57 for our 10 nights at the campground. That’s big bucks around here. We are all so thrilled, because this was a discount that had not been published yet anywhere so we were able to secure our exact nights at the lower rate. How wonderful is that?

Another thing they do is if I refer someone and they book a trip with them I get a gift card to spend at the park. So if anyone is thinking about a celebration trip of their own to Disney properties, or on a Disney Cruise, or any Disney travel destinations, please use Naomi at The Magic For Less Travel and tell her I sent you.

My hair doesn’t get oily

but I do sweat when I work out. When my hair is short I can take a shower and not use shampoo and I probably won’t even notice. I guess it is a habit. I will try and go every other day. But I do use a bar from Lush that is more like soap vs shampoo.

You may not have anything right now from which to cover an award by a judge or jury

However I believe they can put a lien on anything of value you obtain later …. more valuable vehicles, bank accounts, property, etc. Whatever would be acquired by you. It seems oftentimes what eats up a person’s estate is the “pain and suffering” that is awarded in a lawsuit and not always covered by automobile insurance. I am no lawyer and I don’t play one on TV … maybe someone here will correct me if I am wrong.

Comprehensive does not automatically include Rental reimbursement coverage

mine does through State Farm, but I know of other insurance companies where it is an additional amount. Generally you get a $ amount per day up to a certain amount per accident. For for example, $25 with a limit of $750 so that gives you approx 30 days.

I don’t know how lawsuits work in this country – but I could see your income being garnished if you lost.

I’m actually considering adding in a million dollar umbrella policy, just in case. It would cost me about $15 extra a month – something I need to check in any case since my house policy is up for renewal in June.

If your car is totaled and you have comprehensive

how long do they give you for the rental car? When my car was stolen, recovered, and in the shop(years ago), the rental coverage was only 20 or so days.
So if the insurance company totals the car, would they still pay for a rental no matter how long it took for you to acquire another vehicle? Or would they stop paying as soon as they made the determination to total it?

Isn’t that what “Liability” is for – protection from others?

Maybe I’m just misunderstanding. I was under the impression that Liability was for damages to other people/property, and “Comprehensive” was for your own vehicle(repair or replacement). Therefore, if your vehicle isn’t worth much, dropping Comprehensive saves you money, keeps you protected with regard to people/property(damages and lawsuits), and you’re not risking anything except the replacement cost of the vehicle.

I agree

Even when it’s not your fault, you may still get sued. Our society is just too sue happy these days. A person may be legitimately at fault, and even ticketed, but still sue the other person just because they can. Doesn’t mean they’ll win but you never know. Also with being a business owner we have gotten an umbrella policy as DR recommends everyone to have. It picks up where your other insurance leaves off. I can’t remember how much we got but it was significant (to us) but costs little compared to the coverage we got.

The simple fact

that I can be sued for far more than the value of the car if I was involved in an accident, makes me want to have all of the protections insurance affords me. Its not about the value of MY automobile to me, its about the value of the policy and covering any damages I might cause.

But my point was

if the car is only worth $1000, that’s all the insure company will give you if it’s totaled. And if your deductible is $500, you’ll only get $500, right? It doesn’t matter WHAT the used vehicle market is… So if you had the $1000 in the bank, why would you spend $1200 per year to get back $1000 or less? Why not take that $1200 and put it in your car replacement fund?


I’d be afraid to drop collision up here. I know today alone, driving to school, the slush has turned to ice in a matter of hours. The back end of my Suburban slipped out from behind me during my drive to pick up my kiddos from school. Driving home? There were cars in the ditch. I’d breaked quite a bit in advance, but I still couldn’t make my turn to drive onto a main road towards my home. The city bus also “missed” the same turn. We all just ended up going on the road on which we came on rather than being able to turn on to the same county road. It’s not always a matter of whether or not you’re a safe driver up here; the weather has a lot to do with road conditions and as to whether or not your driving in a controlled manner (even if you are driving 15 miles an hour).


Now I’m conflicted between the Carb Carb or the Paleo menu.
I know I can do fairly well on low carb but I struggle to lose weight, regardless of what I do or don’t eat.
Soooo….. do I choose slow cooker or low carb or paleo…hum
I have a few days to choose.

Donald – you know me fairly well – whatcha think??

Yeah, but that’s working under the premise

that you CAN get a vehicle for $1000 that wouldn’t need costly repairs. In your market there are like a gazillion vehicles you could get. In Oklahoma, not so much. So it is also location based. So in my case 5 would be at least $3,000 if you remember, we went through this exercise (looking at available cars) when I was debating what to do with Jerry the Geo who has 236,000 plus miles on her now.

Hope this helps

I’m an insurance agent in Michigan :) I would keep at least comprehensive on your vehicle – it usually doesn’t cost that much and if you have a broken windshield, if the car is stolen, you hit an animal/deer, or someone vandalized the car or it caught on fire, it would be covered under comp.

Usually with collision, I delete it on my vehicles when they are worth less than 1200.00 – 1500.00, or if the collision price adds up to more than the value of the vehicle in a year. I do that knowing that if I have an accident that’s my fault, I won’t have coverage, if someone else hits me and it’s their fault, I know that I can go against their insurance for up to the maximum of $1000.00 mini-tort for the damages done to my car. Of course, a lot of people drive without insurance, so you could be screwed.

For Us

it’s when we know the amount of money we would get for the car came really close to the deductable amount we would pay in the event we needed for a claim. For ex: we had a car that was worth about $800 by insurance company standards. Our comp deductable was $500. It didn’t make sense to cover the car in this case.

Car insurance question

How(or when) do people make the decision to switch from Comprehensive auto insurance to just Liability? Posibilities:
1 – when the car is paid off(not that many here would voluntarily do car payments)
2 – when the car is x number of years old
3 – when the vehicle has x number of miles on it
4 – when Bluebook value drops below $x
5 – when you have enough money in your car replacement fund to purchase a replacement

Any others I’m missing? My current vehicle is a 2003 Malibu with about 220K miles on it. Bluebook value according to is about $2900. I’m surprised it’s that high because of so many miles.
Although, that averages out to less than 22,000 miles per year…
I don’t have ANYTHING in a car fund – still trying to build my FFEF.
That’s going slowly because of unplanned expenditures, along with some frivolous spending as well. My recent auto insurance renewal was $588 for 6 months, or $98/mth. Debating how to proceed, and I’d be curious to hear others’ opinions…


I can’t contain my delight so I’m yelling it from the rooftops.

GRACIE STOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For those of who are are scratching their heads in puzzlement, let me explain.

Gracie is a 10 year old LaMancha goat.

I came home several weeks ago to find her flat on her side, unable to move so I dragged her into the barn, said a prayer and got to work on trying to get her on the road to health again.

This icy cold weather has done a number on my animals – the fluctuating temperatures are very hard on healthy animals, let alone the young and old or compromised.

She had a nasty chest infection so I got a shot from the vet and settled in with supportive car, a big warm blankie, warm water heated to 72F, probiotics, horse feed, you name it, she probably got it, along with daily B12 injections and drenching with propolyn glycol for energy. and making sure she got moved 2x a day (I work full time as well) so she wasn’t laying in her own waste.

My biggest worry was keeping her warm and getting in calories that we could meet and then exceed her requirement.

She got over her chest infection and slowly started to regain her sparkle. At the same time, she got joined by Vere, a little icelandic lamb who got a chest infection and couldn’t’ stand either. So the two of them got to be The Barn Belles and both got all the same goodies and turned into pin cushions with daily injections.
Vere made it up onto her elbows about 2 weeks ago – she is now practicing for the Kentucky Derby as she is zooting all over the barn – she’s not completely on all 4 lets yet, she is sort of walking on her ‘wrists’ – I’m confident she will walk normally in time. She even whacks my shins with her head when she feels I’m not moving fast enough with the feed for her liking lol.

Anyway, Vere has been a great barn companion to Gracie, helping motivate her and just in general they get along well.

Well, I had an awful weekend – migraine that wouldn’t quit, anniversary of my mom’s death, and then I lost Viola and Miss Priss, both on the same day so spent the day on Monday bawling and dealing with the necessary details and feeling like a complete failure as both a human being and a farmer.

This sets the stage for you to understand WHY its such a big deal that GRACIE STOOD BY HERSELF LAST NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!

She fell over after taking two very wobbly steps, but she STOOD. I shrieked in delight – scared the bejusus out of the barn cats and the rest of the sheep who were peering through the glass door to see what the dickens their crazy shepherd was up to now – Icelandic sheep are very inquisitive as it is. She THEN tried to drag herself to where I was standing at the feeding station so I’d hurry up with dinner. I think I cracked my face with the big smile I wore as I rushed over with the feeding pan and plopped it in front of her, almost tripping over the zooting Vere in my rush.

I sat down to watch my Belles eat and it was just a perfect moment.

Thanks for reading :)

Your post made me smile

although I don’t think you intended that to occur when you posted this Look,. you’re on your way to being debt free. You are a catch!!! Think about all those people who have been “caught” two, threee, heck, even four times, and are then looking to get divorced all those times or are trying to shake the weirdo they “caught”. You are probably a lot luckier than you think, plus, you’re definitely a lot smarter by taker care of your finances, and one day, God willing, the right person will come into your life. Some times time really can be on your side! Just saying….(and I know I’m right).

You and me both

And the prospects aren’t good for me in finding one of those… I am so not a catch.

More likely, it will be singles awareness day for me, a holiday marked by wearing solid black, and trying my darnedest to avoid all of the lovey dovey happy people. I do not begrudge them their happiness, mind you, and I hope they enjoy their day. But that day makes me lonely. At least this year it comes the day after the feast of Pitchers and Catchers, one of my favorite holidays of the year!

I forget how old your kids are

but something hubby and I do is make “our meal” at home and celebrate with our kids….I usually also make a nice dessert to serve later in the evening.

“Our meal” is always homemade spaghetti and garlic bread—– the first meal hubby ever made for me when we were dating….

We do this for both valentine’s day and our wedding anniversary in august.

We like celebrating it with the kids—it reminds us of how far we have come together….. (from pre-dating years to now 2 kids ages 20 and 22)……..

We have done it this way since the first valentines and anniversary where we had our son was 3 weeks old and couldn’t go out due to sitter and money…, it’s just a tradition!

The way I see it

if the restaurants are not charging any more for that day than any other day of week for the same food, then it’s not a rip off. Now some may offer “specials” that are not really that special in price or the amount of food you get. Even if they food & price is the same, you’re usually stuck with a much longer wait unless you can get a reservation. We usually go to a place we are familiar with and that we like, not venturing into unknown territory to try anything exotic.

I carry comprehensive

liability and collision so cover all the bases that I possibly can. Liability doesn’t cover so called “acts of God” like flood, fire, tornado or a tree branch falling on your car, vandalism or theft or hitting an animal. It
covers other people and their property – generally its made up of Bodily Injury Liability and Property Damage Liability.
Comprehensive covers theft, fire, vandalism and severe weather conditions, acts of God, hitting an animal(which is not covered by collision).
Collision covers my car – towing and storage and, costs of repair, car rental etc.
In my case, it runs me around $100
a month for Jerry the Geo andthe Farm Truck which I carry
Liability and Collision on
since I don’t drive that nearly as often – however, my coverage also protects a passenger and if I’m driving someone else’s vehicle, I carry comprehensive etc on it automatically.

Not sure yet

Probably go out and eat …. we usually go out to eat about 3 times a month anyway. Around major “eating out” holidays—Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day—we usually skip “the day” and go on another day because the restaurants are so packed. Often we have gone the day after, but sometimes the day before, the holiday.