That’s pretty cool!

I do have to say I really like Sam’s, but having never had the opportunity to visit a Costco or a BJ’s Wharehouse (they’ve never been in my areas at the time I’ve lived in whatever locale I may have been at the time), so I’ve nothing to compare it to. Something that worked out rather well for me with my Sam’s membership happened last year. My son was in college in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. He needed to move out of his dorm and found an apartment. I wasn’t able to drive the nine hours north to help him shop to outfit his new place, so I went online to Sam’s and ordered all his furniture, pots and pans, utensils, lamps, etc., etc. to outfit his new place. Sam’s delivered everything to his apartment quickly, and my son was a happy camper, and I was relieved we could get things taken care of immediately for him. I don’t think I’d furnish my home for myself this way, but for a 21 year old kid? He was thrilled!

I just went through their custom label wizard

to see what they’d have for what I need, and I may very well give them a go. I like working with mom-n-pop small businesses, but not when they won’t return my phone calls. The Maverick website looks like they’d have my labels for me very quickly, and I might even be able to use very close to the design I wanted anyway.
Hope your day gets better. I agree with others that the anniversary of losing one’s mom has gotta be a black spot on the calendar. Be good to yourself today, in whatever way works best. We’ll still be here when you get back.

I agree

Even when it’s not your fault, you may still get sued. Our society is just too sue happy these days. A person may be legitimately at fault, and even ticketed, but still sue the other person just because they can. Doesn’t mean they’ll win but you never know. Also with being a business owner we have gotten an umbrella policy as DR recommends everyone to have. It picks up where your other insurance leaves off. I can’t remember how much we got but it was significant (to us) but costs little compared to the coverage we got.


Now I’m conflicted between the Carb Carb or the Paleo menu.
I know I can do fairly well on low carb but I struggle to lose weight, regardless of what I do or don’t eat.
Soooo….. do I choose slow cooker or low carb or paleo…hum
I have a few days to choose.

Donald – you know me fairly well – whatcha think??