Isn’t that what “Liability” is for – protection from others?

Maybe I’m just misunderstanding. I was under the impression that Liability was for damages to other people/property, and “Comprehensive” was for your own vehicle(repair or replacement). Therefore, if your vehicle isn’t worth much, dropping Comprehensive saves you money, keeps you protected with regard to people/property(damages and lawsuits), and you’re not risking anything except the replacement cost of the vehicle.

I agree

Even when it’s not your fault, you may still get sued. Our society is just too sue happy these days. A person may be legitimately at fault, and even ticketed, but still sue the other person just because they can. Doesn’t mean they’ll win but you never know. Also with being a business owner we have gotten an umbrella policy as DR recommends everyone to have. It picks up where your other insurance leaves off. I can’t remember how much we got but it was significant (to us) but costs little compared to the coverage we got.

The simple fact

that I can be sued for far more than the value of the car if I was involved in an accident, makes me want to have all of the protections insurance affords me. Its not about the value of MY automobile to me, its about the value of the policy and covering any damages I might cause.