You may not have anything right now from which to cover an award by a judge or jury

However I believe they can put a lien on anything of value you obtain later …. more valuable vehicles, bank accounts, property, etc. Whatever would be acquired by you. It seems oftentimes what eats up a person’s estate is the “pain and suffering” that is awarded in a lawsuit and not always covered by automobile insurance. I am no lawyer and I don’t play one on TV … maybe someone here will correct me if I am wrong.

Comprehensive does not automatically include Rental reimbursement coverage

mine does through State Farm, but I know of other insurance companies where it is an additional amount. Generally you get a $ amount per day up to a certain amount per accident. For for example, $25 with a limit of $750 so that gives you approx 30 days.

I don’t know how lawsuits work in this country – but I could see your income being garnished if you lost.

I’m actually considering adding in a million dollar umbrella policy, just in case. It would cost me about $15 extra a month – something I need to check in any case since my house policy is up for renewal in June.