Slow week of homework

Nothing huge happened around here financially this last week. Which is kind of good, it’s nice to take a breather.
My birthday happened and I was well gifted by my two savy shoppers. The bitter cold lifted, literally because the wind blew it away and we muddled along sticking to the budget.
Christmas tree is down and I’m ready to put up spring decorations, so I’ve been working on those with all my new toys and the materials I have on hand rather than rushing out to buy a bunch of stuff as I would have before we started DR.
Dh and ds have been working on minor repairs around here that they could do for free.
We started ordering in tour guide books to start planning our big celebration trip later this year and I think that was the highlight of the week.
It of course had a few hiccups because we like solid books to plan with and all the states and AAA are trying to go over strictly to ebooks. While you can still get the solid books from all of the proceeding they are really pushing the ebooks. I understand the financial aspect of it, but nothing replaces the feel of a book in your hands and being able to thumb through, mark up and tab a book as you plan. Half the fun of any vacation is planning it.
I was pretty grumpy about the ebooks situation yesterday after being on the AAA site and finding no mention of real books yesterday. I called their office first thing this morning and was told they had come to realize that some people do prefer books when planning and therefore they would be getting more in by late Feb. That brightened my week considerably.