You can send them a custom design

and they’d print that for you too. My work colleague had her honey label custom designed and then used maverick to print them – they really look super!
Thanks for the encouragement – I am thankful for the support and kicks when I need it from this group.
I feel more composed today but have taken the day off since I need it.

I just went through their custom label wizard

to see what they’d have for what I need, and I may very well give them a go. I like working with mom-n-pop small businesses, but not when they won’t return my phone calls. The Maverick website looks like they’d have my labels for me very quickly, and I might even be able to use very close to the design I wanted anyway.
Hope your day gets better. I agree with others that the anniversary of losing one’s mom has gotta be a black spot on the calendar. Be good to yourself today, in whatever way works best. We’ll still be here when you get back.