There are a couple of answers to this:

1) Most pro-MLMers don’t know any real secrets to becoming successful in MLM. They cannot teach what they do not know.

2) If everyone knew the secrets to becoming successful in MLM, what would be the value of those secrets? There’s a huge captive market for books and audio/video training claiming to offer success tips. The secret is valuable, in part, BECAUSE it’s secret.

If everyone knew the REAL secret of MLM, it would all unravel.

Which leads to your next comment…

Hello, Im new to this forum

but I thought it be good to hear about other MLM disaster stories, aside from mine. I just don’t understand why these so called Pro MLMers dont take the time to share the secrets they use to becomee succesful. Or simply train us instead of the hurah your going to make a ton of money. I really feel that there is a legitiment business out there that doesn’t feed the BS and really does teach you how to become succesful. anyone know of anything out there?

I am also a publicly traded company

All you have to do is send me 1 million dollars made out to Tyler Enterprises and I will send you a certificate of authenticity for One Share. Don’t worry if you don’t hear from me for awhile, as I will be out there dodging the trade regulators, um I mean making your investment grow 🙂