Shop To Earn is a new MLM that offers shopping rebates to members

much like MyPowerMall and Team National. The real focus, however, is recruiting new members who will pay the $450 fee to sign up.

Everyday Finance did a review of the program, and was contacted by Shop To Earn’s lawyer and threatened with legal action. He modified his original post to remove certain statements.

I subsequently wrote my own negative review of the program. I then received a cease and desist letter of my own.

Now the Shop To Earn attorney is threatening the blogger further, telling him he must take down his own site. Details here, along with links to my other posts about the company and its attorney:

What evidence do you have to support your feelings?

I’ve had a challenge out for several years for someone to prove that his/her MLM opportunity lived up to its claims. Only one person has stepped forward to take on my challenge. (The results were inconclusive. He had not been involved in his MLM long enough to prove anything. He had very little documentation, and very little revenue to show.)

So, why do you feel there is a legitimate MLM out there? And perhaps more importantly, why do you choose an MLM survivors group to ask?
Did you read the introductory documents about this group? Are you aware that the odds of you getting an endorsement of an MLM here are about the same as you getting an endorsement for a brand of booze at an AA meeting?

And if there WAS a legitimate MLM opportunity out there, don’t you think you would have heard about it? Some secrets are very difficult to keep. And other secrets are not what you assume they are.