That’s pretty cool!

I do have to say I really like Sam’s, but having never had the opportunity to visit a Costco or a BJ’s Wharehouse (they’ve never been in my areas at the time I’ve lived in whatever locale I may have been at the time), so I’ve nothing to compare it to. Something that worked out rather well for me with my Sam’s membership happened last year. My son was in college in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. He needed to move out of his dorm and found an apartment. I wasn’t able to drive the nine hours north to help him shop to outfit his new place, so I went online to Sam’s and ordered all his furniture, pots and pans, utensils, lamps, etc., etc. to outfit his new place. Sam’s delivered everything to his apartment quickly, and my son was a happy camper, and I was relieved we could get things taken care of immediately for him. I don’t think I’d furnish my home for myself this way, but for a 21 year old kid? He was thrilled!