Granted, not every big corporate giant is the same

Walmart is probably in its own category, and perhaps Costco deserves better than I’ve given it. Just hard to see six long-standing family businesses fold up and die in a small town, when Costco moved in. Also hard to then watch that whole downtown area cave in and implode when those anchor businesses died. It was like a horrible domino effect. Put a bad taste in my mouth. If Costco is taking good care of its employees, that’s very good to hear.

OK, here’s a question. I got to wondering what Martin has said about all this – either the “support local businesses” aspect, or the “buy local/buy USA” aspect. Anyone know? I don’t recall ever hearing him mention those topics, one way or another, in FPU. I’d be curious to know what he thinks.
Michael, who’s eating hot italian sausage from her own farm for lunch today, made by a local butcher, which is pretty neat

Comprehensive does not automatically include Rental reimbursement coverage

mine does through State Farm, but I know of other insurance companies where it is an additional amount. Generally you get a $ amount per day up to a certain amount per accident. For for example, $25 with a limit of $750 so that gives you approx 30 days.

I don’t know how lawsuits work in this country – but I could see your income being garnished if you lost.

I’m actually considering adding in a million dollar umbrella policy, just in case. It would cost me about $15 extra a month – something I need to check in any case since my house policy is up for renewal in June.


Now I’m conflicted between the Carb Carb or the Paleo menu.
I know I can do fairly well on low carb but I struggle to lose weight, regardless of what I do or don’t eat.
Soooo….. do I choose slow cooker or low carb or paleo…hum
I have a few days to choose.

Donald – you know me fairly well – whatcha think??