Hello, Im new to this forum

but I thought it be good to hear about other MLM disaster stories, aside from mine. I just don’t understand why these so called Pro MLMers dont take the time to share the secrets they use to becomee succesful. Or simply train us instead of the hurah your going to make a ton of money. I really feel that there is a legitiment business out there that doesn’t feed the BS and really does teach you how to become succesful. anyone know of anything out there?

I forget how old your kids are

but something hubby and I do is make “our meal” at home and celebrate with our kids….I usually also make a nice dessert to serve later in the evening.

“Our meal” is always homemade spaghetti and garlic bread—– the first meal hubby ever made for me when we were dating….

We do this for both valentine’s day and our wedding anniversary in august.

We like celebrating it with the kids—it reminds us of how far we have come together….. (from pre-dating years to now 2 kids ages 20 and 22)……..

We have done it this way since the first valentines and anniversary where we had our son was 3 weeks old and couldn’t go out due to sitter and money…..now, it’s just a tradition!