I’d be afraid to drop collision up here. I know today alone, driving to school, the slush has turned to ice in a matter of hours. The back end of my Suburban slipped out from behind me during my drive to pick up my kiddos from school. Driving home? There were cars in the ditch. I’d breaked quite a bit in advance, but I still couldn’t make my turn to drive onto a main road towards my home. The city bus also “missed” the same turn. We all just ended up going on the road on which we came on rather than being able to turn on to the same county road. It’s not always a matter of whether or not you’re a safe driver up here; the weather has a lot to do with road conditions and as to whether or not your driving in a controlled manner (even if you are driving 15 miles an hour).

I carry comprehensive

liability and collision so cover all the bases that I possibly can. Liability doesn’t cover so called “acts of God” like flood, fire, tornado or a tree branch falling on your car, vandalism or theft or hitting an animal. It
covers other people and their property – generally its made up of Bodily Injury Liability and Property Damage Liability.
Comprehensive covers theft, fire, vandalism and severe weather conditions, acts of God, hitting an animal(which is not covered by collision).
Collision covers my car – towing and storage and, costs of repair, car rental etc.
In my case, it runs me around $100
a month for Jerry the Geo andthe Farm Truck which I carry
Liability and Collision on
since I don’t drive that nearly as often – however, my coverage also protects a passenger and if I’m driving someone else’s vehicle, I carry comprehensive etc on it automatically.