I am also a publicly traded company

All you have to do is send me 1 million dollars made out to Tyler Enterprises and I will send you a certificate of authenticity for One Share. Don’t worry if you don’t hear from me for awhile, as I will be out there dodging the trade regulators, um I mean making your investment grow 🙂

I adore our local Costco

I don’t buy everything there, but I know what I do buy is of impeccable quality and their return policy is outstanding if I have a problem or change of heart. I do have to consider carefully some items. If I buy a bag of peeled garlic, I’ll food process the entire thing and freeze in pats on wax paper so I can just grab enough garlic for the soup, garlic bread, etc. I also have a good amount of fridge/freezer space, which allows me to stock up when I see a good deal.