Costco – to shop or not to shop, that is my question…

We have been without a Costco membership for several years, which surprises most people. Having kids = membership, to most.
We have been toying with the idea of renewing our membership.
For those of you who are regular Costco shoppers, what things to you purchase there on a regular basis that you find are a good deal? Any items to stay clear of?
I went with a friend recently and found good deals on:

10 lb. C&H sugar (~$5 vs $7.50 at my store)
Powdered sugar (4 lbs for my normal price for 2 lbs.)



Now I’m conflicted between the Carb Carb or the Paleo menu.
I know I can do fairly well on low carb but I struggle to lose weight, regardless of what I do or don’t eat.
Soooo….. do I choose slow cooker or low carb or paleo…hum
I have a few days to choose.

Donald – you know me fairly well – whatcha think??

Not sure yet

Probably go out and eat …. we usually go out to eat about 3 times a month anyway. Around major “eating out” holidays—Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day—we usually skip “the day” and go on another day because the restaurants are so packed. Often we have gone the day after, but sometimes the day before, the holiday.