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but I thought it be good to hear about other MLM disaster stories, aside from mine. I just don’t understand why these so called Pro MLMers dont take the time to share the secrets they use to becomee succesful. Or simply train us instead of the hurah your going to make a ton of money. I really feel that there is a legitiment business out there that doesn’t feed the BS and really does teach you how to become succesful. anyone know of anything out there?

I am also a publicly traded company

All you have to do is send me 1 million dollars made out to Tyler Enterprises and I will send you a certificate of authenticity for One Share. Don’t worry if you don’t hear from me for awhile, as I will be out there dodging the trade regulators, um I mean making your investment grow 🙂

But my point was

if the car is only worth $1000, that’s all the insure company will give you if it’s totaled. And if your deductible is $500, you’ll only get $500, right? It doesn’t matter WHAT the used vehicle market is… So if you had the $1000 in the bank, why would you spend $1200 per year to get back $1000 or less? Why not take that $1200 and put it in your car replacement fund?

Yeah, but that’s working under the premise

that you CAN get a vehicle for $1000 that wouldn’t need costly repairs. In your market there are like a gazillion vehicles you could get. In Oklahoma, not so much. So it is also location based. So in my case 5 would be at least $3,000 www.gshloans.com if you remember, we went through this exercise (looking at available cars) when I was debating what to do with Jerry the Geo who has 236,000 plus miles on her now.

Hope this helps

I’m an insurance agent in Michigan 🙂 I would keep at least comprehensive on your vehicle – it usually doesn’t cost that much and if you have a broken windshield, if the car is stolen, you hit an animal/deer, or someone vandalized the car or it caught on fire, it would be covered under comp.

Usually with collision, I delete it on my vehicles when they are worth less than 1200.00 – 1500.00, or if the collision price adds up to more than the value of the vehicle in a year. I do that knowing that if I have an accident that’s my fault, I won’t have coverage, if someone else hits me and it’s their fault, I know that I can go against their insurance for up to the maximum of $1000.00 mini-tort for the damages done to my car. Of course, a lot of people drive without insurance, so you could be screwed.

For Us

it’s when we know the amount of money we would get for the car came really close to the deductable amount we would pay in the event we needed for a claim. For ex: we had a car that was worth about $800 by insurance company standards. Our comp deductable was $500. It didn’t make sense to cover the car in this case.

Car insurance question

How(or when) do people make the decision to switch from Comprehensive auto insurance to just Liability? Posibilities:
1 – when the car is paid off(not that many here would voluntarily do car payments)
2 – when the car is x number of years old
3 – when the vehicle has x number of miles on it
4 – when Bluebook value drops below $x
5 – when you have enough money in your car replacement fund to purchase a replacement

Any others I’m missing? My current vehicle is a 2003 Malibu with about 220K miles on it. Bluebook value according to kbb.com is about $2900. I’m surprised it’s that high because of so many miles.
Although, that averages out to less than 22,000 miles per year…
I don’t have ANYTHING in a car fund – still trying to build my FFEF.
That’s going slowly because of unplanned expenditures, along with some frivolous spending as well. My recent auto insurance renewal was $588 for 6 months, or $98/mth. Debating how to proceed, and I’d be curious to hear others’ opinions…

I carry comprehensive

liability and collision so cover all the bases that I possibly can. Liability doesn’t cover so called “acts of God” like flood, fire, tornado or a tree branch falling on your car, vandalism or theft or hitting an animal. It
covers other people and their property – generally its made up of Bodily Injury Liability and Property Damage Liability.
Comprehensive covers theft, fire, vandalism and severe weather conditions, acts of God, hitting an animal(which is not covered by collision).
Collision covers my car – towing and storage and, costs of repair, car rental etc.
In my case, it runs me around $100
a month for Jerry the Geo andthe Farm Truck which I carry
Liability and Collision on
since I don’t drive that nearly as often – however, my coverage also protects a passenger and if I’m driving someone else’s vehicle, I carry comprehensive etc on it automatically.