Doing a Happy Dance

As I said last week, we’ve already booked our vacation for WDW for after we are cc debt free. We did so months ago, and for the first time ever we used a travel agency. I generally don’t use them because some charge you a fee to do so.

But The Magic For Less Travel is not one of those, no fees are involved. When they book a vacation for you it’s at the same rate you can book it yourself. So what’s the advantage to using them? They keep on top of any discounts that come up, snare them for you and let you know.

Well wonderful Naomi, at the Magic For Less Travel, snared one that is going to save us $156.57 for our 10 nights at the campground. That’s big bucks around here. We are all so thrilled, because this was a discount that had not been published yet anywhere so we were able to secure our exact nights at the lower rate. How wonderful is that?

Another thing they do is if I refer someone and they book a trip with them I get a gift card to spend at the park. So if anyone is thinking about a celebration trip of their own to Disney properties, or on a Disney Cruise, or any Disney travel destinations, please use Naomi at The Magic For Less Travel and tell her I sent you.