Few facts:

1. Sam’s Club and Wal-Marts actually do buy local products and put them in their stores. Not all products are local as not all products exist locally or at certain times of the year.

2. Employees are allowed to buy stock–and the company does a percentage match.

3. Many people that have been unemployed from other industries have gone on to make good to great money in management and other positions.

4. Wal-Mart and Sam’s donate LOTS of money, etc back to their communities.

5. Any job is what you make it. Some people enter at the basic level and stay there (by choice or by work habits).

6. Other people–take the job and make some big figures. It is a big company and lot of choices and positions exist.

7. The reason big companies can offer lower prices—they are buying in huge quantities to get discounts–which they then pass onto the consumer.

8. Once upon a time—the big companies were the small store—they just figured a way to keep growing. Example: Wal-Mart started as one little store….eventually they opened a second store….and the rest is history.